Jennifer Hudson takes us backstage on The Voice UK 2017 and it looks amazing


Jennifer Hudson has given us a first glimpse at The Voice UK 2017 on ITV.

While the show may not be on TV until January next year, filming started last month in Manchester with the new line up of coaches.

Next year the show is moving to ITV but there will be some familiar faces as Black Eyed Peas frontman is back for what will be his sixth series.

ITV have also undone the BBC's controversial work to bring back Sir Tom Jones to the show alongside two new names: Jennifer, obviously, as well as British rocker Gavin Rossdale from band Bush.

The four piece filmed the blind auditions at The Voice UK studio in Manchester recently alongside Emma Willis, who is confirmed as host of the show.

And this week, the group hit the battle rounds.

Jennifer shared a backstage glimpse of filming - including the new look set - in an Instagram post as she and the audience performed to her song Spotlight.

As well as the judges and set, there are a few other changes to The Voice UK on ITV.

When it comes to the blind auditions, just like when the show was on BBC One, acts will step out on stage to sing to the backs of the coaches.

If a coach likes what they hear, they can hit their buzzer to spin around and pick up that act for their team. If more than one coach turns, the power shifts back to the contestant to pick which team to join.

However in a controversial new twist, if a coach doesn't turn they will NOT get to see or speak to the act.

It's a move that's divided the coaches, with saying: "I don’t personally like that change. If there are no turns that person walks away with no feedback."


But Sir Tom felt it was a "good idea".

"One of the worst things is when you haven’t pressed your button and you turn around and you’ve got to explain to the people why you didn’t," he said. "I know if I was in that person’s position and nobody turned then I’d want to get out of there!”

The Voice UK will air on ITV from 2017.

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