The Voice UK: reveals the one reason he signed up again

the voice 2015 judges tx7 02 has revealed he wasn't sure about The Voice UK on ITV.

In fact, when they first asked him last year Will wouldn't commit to coming back at all.

Speaking at the show's press launch in the week, Will said: “It was the middle of the Battles and they bring it on you that the BBC is not going to have The Voice next year and would I be open to doing it.

“I was like, ‘I didn’t even know I was getting a divorce from my wife!’ That’s a metaphor… prank

“I said, ‘come at me when the show is finished.’"

Will explained he only agreed to sign up if ITV brought back Sir Tom Jones, who had been axed by the BBC in 2015.

"I said, ‘is Tom doing it? If you bring Tom back, I’ll be cool, I’ll consider that," Will explained.

But while Will is happy with sitting next to Tom, some changes made by ITV haven't impressed the Black Eyed Peas star.

Will said a new twist to the blind auditions "kind of sucks".

On the BBC series, once an audition was over, all the chairs turned so the coaches who didn't hit the buzzer still saw acts and offered them advice or reasons why they hadn't spun.

But now coaches who don't turn will NOT get the chance to see or speak to the act who auditioned.

Will said: “It’s going to be easier for us, but the idea is harsh for the singer.

“No explanation, no like ‘hey, here’s what you could have done better’. They just go in cold. No one cares, no one turns and they don’t even get a nugget of info. That kind of sucks.”

The new series of The Voice UK will air on ITV in the new year.

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