So it looks like Emma Willis WILL host The Voice UK on ITV

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Emma Willis looks like she could well be staying as the host of The Voice UK on ITV.

While no official news yet has been revealed about the new series in 2017, Emma this evening fronted an event themed on The Voice UK for the channel.

A tweet from the @ITVMedia ‏account read: "We're thrilled to welcome @EmmaWillis this evening to discover The Agency Voice 2016 #FindYourVoice @TheVoiceUK"

They also posted a picture of Emma along with The Voice branding and cue card.

When asked by Alan (@aaaaaaaaIan) on Twitter "does this mean Emma is back as presenter?!", the ITV account didn't reply but did cheekily like the Tweet.

While it's NOT an official announcement, it's quite a big hint. We've contacted ITV for a comment.

Speaking earlier this year, Emma admitted she was prepared to leave the show as it moved from the BBC but wanted to continue.

"I have great loyalty to the show and I’d love to go with it, but I understand the powers that be might want to shake it up," she told Daily Mail on Sunday's You magazine.

In a separate chat with the Press Association, Emma added: "I’d love to [continue]. But you know, the nature of the beast is that anything can happen and it’s moving to a different channel – they might want to totally change it and that’s just the way it goes.

“But fingers crossed they will want me to do it. I’d love to still do it.”

The Voice UK will air on ITV from 2017.

PIC: @ITVMedia on Twitter

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