Joe and Jake finish third from bottom at Eurovision causing OUTRAGE with viewers

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Joe Woolford and Jake Shakeshaft's Eurovision bid ended rather badly tonight, finishing third from bottom.

Only Germany and the Czech Republic were lower with the boys scoring a total of 62 points.

While it was the UK's best score since 2011 saw Blue just miss the top 10, a change in the voting system meant it wasn't nearly enough to even trouble the left hand side of the board.

This year saw separate jury and phone votes, meaning a total of more than 600 points were available, double the usual amount.

When it came to the jury votes the UK did surprisingly well, scoring a total of 54 points. We even got a top mark of 12 points from Malta, the first in seven years.

However the public vote saw Britain bomb with a total of eight points from the 41 countries that voted, the second worst result behind only the Czech Republic.

It left Great Britain in 24th place, matching last year's result despite scoring more than twelve times as many points.

Ukraine ended up winning the contest having triumphed over Australia thanks to a boost in phone votes.

Full Eurovision 2016 results
Full Eurovision 2016 results

Viewers watching were left disappointed by our result, especially the new voting system which saw our entry plummet down the leaderboard.

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