The Voice UK's Kevin Simm prefers being solo to life in Liberty X

The Voice

The Voice 2016 winner Kevin Simm has admitted he prefers being a solo artist.

Kevin charted at Number 24 with his winner's track from The Voice UK, All You Good Friends, Friday night.

It was his first hit as a soloist but his eleventh Top 40 overall thanks his time in Liberty X.

But in a new interview, Kevin has confessed he wasn't particularly keen on life in the group.

The shy but talented singer revealed: "I really didn't like all the dance routines

"In interviews and things like that, you couldn't always be yourself. Every time you'd give an answer, it would have to be something that you had all agreed on beforehand. I also didn't like having to wait for hours for the girls to get ready!"

Kevin told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "To be honest, I like my own company and I prefer having to just rely on myself to get up in the mornings. I can go to bed when I want and I don't feel like I have to go to the bar with Tony [Lundon] - not that that was a bad thing.

"It can get lonely sometimes but I prefer being a solo artist."

While it sounds as though Kevin is pleased to be out of the group, he's got no problems with his former bandmates who supported him throughout The Voice.

"They are all just so proud of me. They've been four of my best friends for the last 16 years - which is almost half of my life! We are always there for each other," he concluded.

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