The Voice UK 2016 voting percentages and results WON'T be revealed

No The Voice UK results stats :(

the voice 2016 finalists

The Voice UK voting figures and percentages won't be revealed, the Beeb has confirmed.

BBC shows have always kept voting stats hidden, as opposed to ITV shows which have published detailed breakdowns of exactly how the public voted each week once the series is over.

It's no change this year as asked about whether or not voting figures would be published, the BBC say: "No, the BBC does not disclose this information."

So that's that, we're afraid.

As to just why the BBC don't release voting figures, they said this previously when talking about Strictly Come Dancing: “Releasing voting figures could affect the way that people vote, and also have an impact on the participants. We therefore do not disclose the exact voting figures.”

Saturday's The Voice UK final saw Lydia Lucy, Cody Frost, Kevin Simm and Jolan going head to head.

It was Kevin who on The Voice last night as he beat Jolan in the final results.

Votes had frozen halfway through the live show with only the Top 2 acts progressing right through to the end, both performing their version of this year's winner's song, an original track called All You Good Friends.

The Voice UK will be back next year but this time will air on ITV, so we may well end up getting the voting stats and figures going forward.

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