The Voice UK's Stevie McCrorie hits back at 'failure' tag after returning to day job

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The Voice 2015 winner Stevie McCrorie has hit back after being branded a 'failure'.

The talented singer released a VERY good debut album back in January although like every winner of The Voice before him, it struggled to make an impact on the charts.

This week Stevie announced that he was returning to his day job as a firefighter, prompting tabloid headlines branding him a 'flop' and a 'quitter'.

Stevie has now explained everything in a post on Facebook, writing to his fans: "First I want to thank the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, they have been so supportive of my journey and if I didn't return now, it might not have been possible further down the line and I'm just not at the point in my music career where I'm ready to let go of a career I also love."

While he may not have a Number 1 album, Stevie insisted that didn't mean he wasn't a success.

"Here's the thing: there will be people/papers out there ready to take a negative spin on this but I have achieved so much from winning the voice," he wrote in a message to supporters. "From having sausages/burgers named after me (haha) to performing at Abbey road to writing and releasing an amazing album big world and the list goes on.

"I have done so many things I and most could only dream of, I can't ignore that.

"Success is how you see it and I see success. I genuinely see a future in my music career along side my firefighting career, I have been playing in bands all my life and made it work whilst having a day job, that's the difference for me."

Stevie also said he wanted to make sure that his family, including daughters Bibi and Amy, were looked after.

He went on to promise fans: "You'll see, I will keep singing, keep writing music (I'm currently writing for my second album) and keep performing until I'm an old man. Simple as that!"

Stevie concluded: "Thank you for all the continued support and making my dreams come true. I hope you stay with me on this journey.

"It's not the end, The next chapter has begun."

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