The Voice UK: Just where is Leah McFall's album? Revisited once more

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Now more than three years on since appearing on The Voice UK, there's still no sign of Leah McFall's album.

This time last year we made a post asking just where it was and 12 months on, nothing has changed. And that post itself was a throwback to a similar one in 2014.

The AMAZING Leah was mentored by on The Voice in 2013 but lost out in the final to Andrea Begley.

Leah and Will continued to work closely after the show, with Leah saying in 2014: "I have so much to thank this man for – always believing in me, always fighting for me, always giving me incredible opportunities."

She added: "Will is always making me laugh when I should be nervous and always teaching me."

Leah's debut album - titled Weird To Wonderful - was first due out in October of 2014, following the release of single Home featuring Will.

However the track struggled for radio airplay and promo and ultimately missed the Top 40 altogether when it was made available for download in July of hat year.

It left Leah's album release on hold and her future at label Capitol Records uncertain.

Two years on from that and it seems as though it's very unlikely the record will ever see the light of day.

However Leah hasn't disappeared, recently uploading a new cover to her YouTube channel.

And she teased fans that we could FINALLY expect some news this year after revealing a brand new website.

"New website. New beginnings. 2016." she wrote on her Facebook page.

Let's hope so because Leah is far too talented to be abandoned!

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