The Voice's Heather Cameron-Hayes in "absolute shock" ahead of semi-finals

The Voice - Episode 12

Heather Cameron-Hayes has admitted that making The Voice UK semi-finals has left her in "absolute shock".

The student singer was voted through to the penultimate show by the public last weekend on Team Paloma Faith.

"It's a very strange feeling," Heather said following her first live performance. "I wasn't as nervous on Saturday as I normally am, nerves are something that have got in the way of my performance in the past but I managed to 'unnervousness' myself on Saturday, if that's even a word."

In a chat with the Bracknell News, Heather went on to tell how she was VERY surprised to have made it into the final eight.

"It was an absolute shock to get through," she explained. "I always told myself if I don't get through on the fast pass [when the judges put contestants through straight away] then that would be it but everyone has been so supportive and to know people have voted for me is incredible."

She also confessed: "I was very cynical when I applied for the show. I didn't event expect to be called back for the blind auditions in front of the judges, that was a shock. To reach the semi-finals is just surreal"

As for working with Paloma, Heather described The Voice UK coach as "incredible".

"As a person, as a coach, she gives us so much help," she said. "Sometimes you forget that she's actually Paloma Faith, you'll be talking to her like a friend and then it hits you that you're sitting in a car with Paloma Faith talking about the semi-finals of The Voice."

The Voice UK is back this Saturday evening with the live semi-finals.