The Voice 2016: Cody Frost and Kevin Simm remain favourites after first live show

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Cody Frost and Kevin Simm remain the favourites to win The Voice UK 2016.

Saturday night saw this year's first live show as we said goodbye to four acts, although it was far from straight forward.

Two left for unrelated reasons before the performances had even begun with both Beth Morris and Chloe Castro withdrawing from the competition.

As a result only the two acts were eliminated via the public as Harry Fisher and Lauren Lapsley-Brown were voted out of the competition.

Now eight remain and both Kevin and Cody, representing Team Ricky and George respectively, appear as the front runners.

Jolan is also a contender, also on Team Ricky, while Jordan Gray appears to be Team Paloma's best shot with Lydia Lucy for Team Will behind her.

Lyrickal is next in the betting while Vangelis and Heather Cameron-Hayes are considered outsiders in the race for the final.

In our latest website poll however there has been a huge amount of support for Heather who is actually topping the vote at the time of writing.

The student was voted in by the public on Saturday so clearly has plenty of fans behind her, even if punters don't quite think it's enough to win right now.

This weekend will see FOUR more cut as four are chosen to make the final with the public in sole charge.

You can vote for your current favourite in our poll below...

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The Voice UK live shows are back Saturday night on BBC One.