Paloma Faith defends picking Jordan Gray for The Voice UK live shows

The Voice - Episode 12

Paloma Faith has hit back at those who claim she picked Jordan Gray for The Voice UK live shows to be "politically correct".

The coach selected Essex performer Jordan alongside Heather Cameron-Hayes and Beth Morris for her all female line up.

Paloma says she's been accused of being "too politically correct" and choosing Jordan because she's transgender.

"I see stuff on social media saying I’m being too politically correct. Well actually, it’s not about being politically correct, it’s about the fact she’s super talented," Paloma stated defiantly. "I’m glad that she’s transgender, as well as being super talented, because I think it’s important."

In an interview with the Gay Times, Paloma went on to say she hoped The Voice viewers don't just see Jordan for her gender.

"I speak to Jordan as she’s on my team about finding the boundary between her being a representative of the transgender community, while also still being an artist," Paloma explained. "For me, it’s really important that people don’t just think she’s the ‘transgender one’, but actually see the real reason why Jordan is in the live shows.

"She’s an incredible artist, who also happens to be trans."

Paloma continued to say that she felt it was "really important" for Jordan to be on the show.

"Having a contestant like Jordan is the symbol of the next stage of acceptance and development. The LGBT community is at the foreground of this change," the Upside Down hitmaker suggested. "I feel a lot of great work has gone into promoting equality among gay, bisexual and lesbian people, but the next stage is to add transgender to that. I think people often miss interpret what it means to be transgender with that of sexuality.

"Getting to watch someone like Jordan cultivating her and celebrating her being brave enough to come out and say she was born into the wrong gender. That’s not about sexuality, it’s about the fact she isn’t who she was born as and it’s very brave to do what she’s doing. Oh, and she’s doing it in the public eye as well."

Paloma concluded: "She’s incredible!"

We can't disagree!

The Voice UK airs TONIGHT live on BBC One from 7PM with the results on later the same evening at 9:05PM.

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