The Voice UK's Kevin Simm hopes his nerves will go for the live shows

The Voice

Kevin Simm has confessed he's hoping that his nerves "disappear" on tonight's first live show.

The shy but hugely talented singer is one of Team Ricky Wilson's three finalists and this evening will be performing LIVE for the first time this year.

Having made it to the Final 12, Kevin has said he's "really excited" despite the pressure.

"I'm hoping the 'nervy' me that people have seen on the show will disappear," Kevin explained. "Having the right song can make or break your performance, so I know if I've chosen the wrong song, it could already be game over for me."

Speaking to WhatsOnTV about his time on the show, Kevin continued: "It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but it's just been amazing.

"I can't quite get my head around it if I'm honest; the only thing I can compare it to is like when I did a skydive – I was really hesitant because I was scared but then, once I'd decided I was going through with it, there's no real way of getting out of it.

"So it's been scary, but amazing, I'm looking forward to it all."

The former Liberty X singer went on to say he wasn't after fame or fortune on the show and just wanted to provide for his family through his music.

Kevin declared: "That is 100 per cent not a reason why I came to do this - I'm probably the least 'starry' person you'll ever meet.

"I don't think success should be based on number ones and album sales – I see a successful music career as getting to sing for a living and being able to provide for my family."

What a guy!

The Voice UK airs TONIGHT live on BBC One from 7PM with the results on later the same evening at 9:05PM.

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