The Voice UK song choices SPOILERS! Artists tease tracks for first live show

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The Voice UK 2016 song choices have been teased ahead of Saturday night's Quarter Final show.

This weekend will see The Voice UK final 12 performing LIVE for the first time as the public get their say on who should stay.

As we previously revealed, the fast pass twist is back with each coach selecting one act to send straight through to the semi-finals.

The public will then vote on the remaining eight artists of which FOUR will be leave.

With so many going home the acts will need to BRING IT with their songs and they've lined up a right mix of tracks.

While none of the song list has been confirmed just yet, the act have teased what they have in store.

On Team George, Harry Fisher is taking a BIG RISK.

"It's a thousand times riskier than Adele," he told DigitalSpy.

Team mate Vangelis added: "I think we're all doing stuff we haven't done before in the show.

"We all listened to each other's and we were like, 'Oh my God, this isn't normally something you would do'. It's going to be such a change. I'm doing a midtempo song, which I never thought I'd do."

On Team Ricky, Kevin Simm has "something emotional" up his sleeve while on Team Will, Lyrickal has an "unusual" song choice from his mentor.

We can only imagine.

As for Lydia she's keeping it current with a "really well-known song", saying: "The crowd will know it and I think they'll really enjoy it. I've put my own twist on it."

Finally, Lauren Lapsley-Browne revealed of her planned performance on Saturday night: "You're going to be sitting down, maybe in a daydream, and then you hear the beat of the song and you're going to be like, 'I know this song!'

"You're going to have a groove and you're going to get up and you're going to have a bop because it's a classic and it's a proper throwback, but with a little Lauren twist too."


The Voice UK live shows start this Saturday night from 7PM on BBC One.

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