The Voice UK: Team George embrace the 'freaks' tag

The Voice - Episode 12

Boy George's artists on The Voice UK are embracing being called "freaks".

George chose Cody Frost, Vangelis and Boy George for his top notch live show team last Sunday night.

And ahead of the live shows the trio say they're not bothered after being branded a 'team of freaks'.

"There was an article saying George was a freak and he'd picked the freaks," Cody revealed ahead of Saturday's first live show. "It was quite a vicious article, but we all just took it on the chin. We like being the freaks."

Chatting to DigitalSpy, Harry agreed: "We kind of just laugh it off.

"If you don't get people who don't agree with what you're doing, you're not doing it right."

He added: "I feel like each of us has got something so different about ourselves, and we get the odd criticism for it, but I'd rather get that than be boring."

Vangelis also felt the same as his team mates: "I've always felt different from other people, especially being gay, so I think I've just got to embrace that."

The trio went on to tease that they had been working closely with the show's team and mentor George to go all out in tomorrow evening's show.

Cody divulged: "My outfit's sick. It's going to be a surprise. It's not what you'd expect, not at all."

The Voice UK live shows begin Saturday night on BBC One from 7PM.

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