The Voice UK's and Ricky Wilson accused of being TOO NICE!

The Voice - Episode 1

Some people reckon that and Ricky Wilson are a bit too nice on The Voice UK.

Vangelis, who's made the live shows on Team Boy George, thinks Ricky and Will "play it safe" with their comments to the acts.

Boy George on the other hand, to quote Vangelis, is "very honest."

"He will tell you if I doesn’t like something, which can be good," he said. "I’d rather people tell you what they think."

In a chat with OK! Magazine, Vangelis suggested it was something that Ricky and Will should do more often.

"With Ricky and Will; I think they play it too safe with their comments, because they've been there longer and know how it works," he explained. "I think singers would appreciate them more if they were more honest, and I think Boy George is like that even with his own team.

"You'll notice, in the knockouts, he doesn't just stand up for anyone because they're on his team. You have to impress him!

"He's not one of those coaches who are going to be licking your a**e."

We find it hard to disagree with endless platitudes from the coaches not always making for the best of viewing.

Of course, being branded 'too nice' is hardly the worst thing in the world!

The Voice UK airs on BBC One.

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