Tonight's The Voice 2016 results: Who's in the live shows?

The Voice

The full line up of contestants in The Voice UK live shows have been confirmed tonight - but who made the final 12?

This evening saw the second half of this year's knockout rounds as and Boy George each picked three artists for their teams.

George was up first as his eight acts took to the stage, each of them performing one killer song to prove to their mentor that they should be in the finals.

After everyone had sung, George said: "There were some really magical moments tonight and it's going to be really tough to call.

"For me, singing is a completely emotional experience."

The Voice

The other coaches then offered their opinions, with saying: "I think that the best singer is Leighton, Cody is an amazing artist and Chase."

Paloma Faith added: "I think the team is amazing, there are a couple of people that picked the wrong song or interpreted the songs in a way that let them down," naming Cody, Chase and Harry as her final three.

In control, George named his finalists as Cody Frost, Harry Fisher and Vangelis.

Team Will was up next and the last to perform as all eight of his contestants from the battle rounds took to the stage in turn, singing a song choice that they hoped would prove to their mentor that they should be in the live shows.

After the performances, Will's fellow coaches offered their thoughts as Boy George said: "I feel like I'm at a fantastic concert it's just such a pleasure to sit here and watch people sing and the audience reaction," going on to show support for Lyrickal.

Paloma Faith commented: 'It's a fantastic team, if I were going to take three I'd personally take Eli, Theo and Faheem through."

And Ricky Wilson added: "If it was up to me, Lydia Lucy, Eli and then between Tom or Lyrickal."

But only had the power to pick the finalists for his team and went for an L laden bunch as Lydia Lucy, Lyrickal and Lauren Lapsley-Browne made the cut.

"I hate this part of the show because some amazing singers are going to go home and only three go through and I deeply apologise for not being able to put everyone through," Will said.

"Ii wasn't hard picking the three it was hard saying goodbye," He added, as Charley Blue, Faheem, Tom Rickels, Theo Llewellyn and Eli Cripps all left the competition.

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Cody, Harry, Vangelis, Lyrickal, Lauren and Lydia join Paloma and Ricky's finalists - Beth, Jordan, Heather, Chloe, Jolan and Kevin - in the live shows from next Saturday night.

Who is your favourite on The Voice UK? Did you agree with the coaches choices? Let your views be heard in the comments below!

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