The Voice 2016 judges pick their finalists in first knockouts

The Voice UK finalists: Who's in the live shows to be revealed

The Voice

The first of The Voice UK 2016 finalists are picked on tonight's show as Ricky Wilson and Paloma Faith decide on their live show contestants.

This evening is the knockout rounds as the first half of the remaining 32 artists sing for a spot in live finals.

First up is Paloma's team which includes Dwaine Hayden, Rick Snowdon, Faith Nelson and Deano.

There's also Beth Morris and Jordan Gray, who returned in the battles after another act pulled out of the competition.

Plus, there are Paloma's two steals from the battle rounds: Team Will's Aaron Hill and Team George's Heather Cameron-Hayes.

"We're about to arrive at the biggest test yet," Paloma says. "This is hell for me, this whole elimination situation.

"I have eight acts on my team, by the end of this have just three."

She tells the acts: "I'm really excited to see something we haven't seen before but also harnessing what we know about you already."

Paloma goes on to reveal: "The contestants have to choose their own song in this round and they'll have to choose wisely as it's time to see their potential, I want to see them emerge as artists.

"I've taken them this far but they'll have to take themselves through to the lives."

Following her acts' performances, Paloma teases: "They're all wonderful people and when I was backstage I had in mind who I wanted to put through and based on tonight, it's not those people."

Ricky says: "If I had to say, I though the girls were better tonight."

After Paloma's decisions, it's Team Ricky's turn in the spotlight.

On his line up fighting for just the three places in the live shows are Brooklyn Richards, Chloe Castro, Jolan, Kagan, Mia Sylvester and Rachel Ann.

Joining them are Ricky's two steals from the battles, a duo of Paloma's former team, Aliesha Lobuczek and Kevin Simm.

"My Team are all presenting #TeamRicky pretty well," says Ricky, "I love this team. This team has a vibe that no other team has got. We're still the quiet underdogs but I'm quietly confident in they've got the best voices.

"You have to brave, everything could hinge on it."

Aliesha reacts: "It's so scary to think more than half of our team is going home."

Kevin adds: "I can't tell you how much it would mean to get to the live shows it would just be the principle really."

And Jolan declares: I'm not going down without a fight."

Ricky concludes: "They just have to not mess it up."

The Voice says about the knockout performances from Ricky's team: "I've been on this show for a long time and I've never seen anything like that."

"It's a hard one but I'd definitely take Kevin," comments Paloma.

Watch all of the performances and see who the coaches pick for the live shows tonight on BBC One from 7:30PM.

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