How do you solve a problem like The Voice UK?

THE VOICE UK 2015 coaches

The Voice UK 2015 came to an end at the weekend but it was definitely with a whimper rather than a bang.

It was Stevie McCrorie who won The Voice 2015 and he's already released a winner's single.

It's on course for Number One despite the fact this year's final was the least watched of the four series to have aired to date, and was some 2.5 million viewers below what the auditions were getting.

It's the same story as in previous years with viewers not bothering to tune in for the live shows, and the final on Saturday night bizarrely saw the lowest numbers of the whole series.

The blind audition stages were watched by up to 9 million viewers, averaging more than rival The X Factor, so why do people tune out?

We named five changes we'd make and would emphasise them again.

In particular we'd like to see bosses undo some of the strange decisions made this year such as axing the spin-off series and getting rid of iTunes downloads.

The sheer amount of acts in the live shows is also a potential problem, with the same twelve contestants that star in The X Factor but competing in just the three episodes.

Even with those that made it right to the final we feel we barely know them and just want to see more.

And that's before we get onto those we lost in the brutal battle and knockout rounds, with the coaches spending seven weeks building their teams only for three-quarters to disappear in two weeks.

This year especially there were also a number of bizarre choices made by the coaches (still not over Liss Jones leaving...) which seemed to weaken the live show line up from the word go.

What changes would you make to The Voice to keep viewers watching?

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