The Voice 2015 judges: will be back next year but Rita Ora may not!

the voice uk 2015 coaches has said he WILL be back on The Voice UK next year... as long as the BBC want him!

The Black Eyed Peas star has been on the show now for all four series and "hopes" to return again come January 2016.

However he admitted: "But they could say: ‘Will’s too difficult, he always arrives late. Let’s get Ne-Yo. He wears hats!’"

Will added: "At the end of the day, The Voice is a fun format and I love hanging around aspirational singers who want to dive into this world. If I can help them on their way, why not be around fresh new excitement when everyone in my world is jaded?"

However the future of newbie coach Rita Ora is less clear.

When asked whether she'd be back, Rita avoided the question by replying: "Let me just get through this year first."

Rita lost all of her acts in last weekend's show, leaving her "upset" going into the final.

Sir Tom Jones confirmed: "Rita was gutted. She said ‘what have I done wrong?’ It is a big thing, especially for someone new like that.

“The singers she had were gutted too, so there were three people crying in the hallway."

And the Welsh legend admitted he feared that it cause Rita to quit after just one series.

“When you do it that well and the people you put your faith in don’t make the final, that is a blow. I hope it doesn’t put her off," he said.

For now, The Voice UK 2015 final starts tonight at 7PM on BBC One.