The Voice 2015: tells finalists to swear and 'show their nipples'

the voice 2015 uk judges 3 has given the finalists of The Voice 2015 some strange advice, advising them to swear and even flash their nipples.

And he suggested that his act Lucy O'Byrne should shock viewers with some expletives in one of her opera performances.

Asked for his tips for the contestants when performing live, Will said: "Everything you guys have been dreaming of is right now.

"Some of our careers are healthier than others, but when do we ever get to do a live show and live TV? Rita just did. She did the the freaking Oscars.

"I don't know when my ass was last on live TV!"

He continued: "They can do anything they want - some Janet Jackson, show your nipples, show some cuss works.

"Wouldn't it be funny if Lucy said motherf**kers in her opera voice?"

We can't help but feel that the BBC already has enough to deal with right now!

Talking about the final this weekend, Will said: "I'm really excited!

"I'm trying to stay as blank as possible so I can be just as thrilled and honest as the audience watching at home are."

The Voice UK live shows conclude this Saturday on BBC One with the final where the winner be crowned.

Lucy O'Byrne, Stevie McCrorie, Emmanuel Nwamadi and Sasha Simone are the four contestants currently left in the running.

Browse pictures of The Voice finalists 2015 in the live shows below...

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