The Voice UK: Five changes we want to see next year

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The Voice UK is coming to the end of another series and with that, we take a look at some changes we hope to see next year.

Allow groups

It's never really been explained why The Voice doesn't allow groups or bands, while welcoming duos, but to us it's a simple change that would easily improve the show.

Put performances on iTunes

The Voice did this for Series 2 and 3 but stopped this year for reasons unexplained. They need to fix it!

More live shows

The live shows of The Voice UK always filled rushed with just three episodes to decide a winner from the finalists, less than half the amount of audition shows. We want to see more performances from the top acts.

Less eliminations

Whether it's the brutal knockouts seeing ten contestants go in one night or the four eliminations every week on the live shows, The Voice format needs to calm down a bit when it comes to axing acts. Either add more shows or less contestants in the teams, because at the moment the results are just messy.

Bring back the spin-off show

As well as the iTunes downloads, The Voice spin-off show was axed this year which was rather disappointing. It allowed us to get to know more of the acts, plus see about what they were up to in rehearsals and plans for the live shows. We say BRING IT BACK, even in the form of an online/iPlayer only series.

What do you all think? Add your comments below!

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