The Voice UK 2015 revealed! The top 5 most popular auditions (so far!)

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With five of the seven blind audition shows on The Voice UK down, we recap some of the best performances so far.

We've done some number crunching based on the views on YouTube and can reveal the Top 5 Most Popular Voice UK auditions of 2015 (so far!)

And we'll start our countdown at the very top so without further ado...

Jake Shakeshaft

Jake Shakeshaft lands at the top of our countdown after he impressed the panel and viewers alike with a performance of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

19-year-old Jake had a choice between, Sir Tom Jones and Rita Ora after all three turned for him, and revealed he had hoped that Will would turn before his audition.

It was therefore no shock that Jake joined the Black Eyed Peas’ star’s team as Will gushed about the youngster’s “mature” voice and “great tone”.

Esmee Denters

Dutch singer with American accent living in London Esmee Denters was a surprise to see on The Voice UK.

Her cover of Coldplay’s Yellow had all four of the coaches turn around at the last minute with both Rita and Will reconogising her.

She eventually went with Team Will and he told her: “You were freaking awesome, that was a great job. You did something magical.”

Stevie McCrorie

Next in our countdown it's hunky fireman Stevie McCrorie from Scotland who appeared in the very first audition show.

Stevie also got all four of The Voice UK coaches to spin, and Rita was left literally floored by Stevie to the point that she was so distracted that she forgot her pitch. It perhaps went against her as Stevie chose to become a member of Team Ricky.

Olivia Lawson

17-year-old Olivia Lawson was described as a “porcelain doll” by the coaches after mesmerising them with her take on Tori Amos’ cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Team Spirit.

Olivia won three turns as Sir Tom was left the only coach having not pressed his buzzer.

Will described her performance as “awesome” and “hypnotic” but it was Team Rita that Olivia joined.

Daniel Duke

Finally at Number 5 is Daniel Duke who impressed with a "unique" performance of The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna, getting all of Will, Rita And Sir Tom turned.

Praising his original cover, Sir Tom won the 25-year-old for his team.

Daniel Duke was actually the first half of twin brothers who both auditioned for the show but his sibling James did not get any of the judges to turn.

What has been your favourite performance on The Voice 2015 auditions so far? Share your top auditions in the comments below!

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