The Voice UK 2015 review: Rozzy Turner and Brooklyn Lammiman impressed!

The Voice 2015 review: Episode 5

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Week five and the pressure is starting to build as all our teams, (well apart from Will's) are
starting to fill up and run out of places. Every chair spin now has to be on the money.

Just like the coaches, I have my own spinning red chair. I will also listen to the acts with my back turned. At the end of the blind auditions, I too, will have my very own team. Team Midas.

First up, was Newtion Matthews who told us he had given everything to have a music career, including two months sleeping rough when he was 18! Now aged 30, will his luck change? I liked his voice, just not enough to spin. Will took a chance though.

I already have a team full of female singers, (apart from Stevie) so Hannah Wildes needs to be amazing to get my chair to spin. It was a great performance and at times, it was fantastic. I decided not to turn but Hannah ended on Team Ricky.

Alex David Charles gave it everything, (and more) but it wasn't enough and he went home.

I warmed to young single mother Karis Thomas, her passion and love for her family and music really shone through on her VT. She was vocally strong and I nearly turned on two occasions, but something was stopping me. I was waiting for a 'wow' moment. Then the music stopped. Karis ended with Team Rita.

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Harris Hameed wasn't strong enough for me, his vocal needs some work. I reckon with another year of coaching, he should be ready to come back next year.

Calm down ladies, gym fanatic Stephen 'macho man' Cornwell was up next and after his 'weight' backstage he was ready to go. Another singer tonight who I really liked, strong vocal but again, I was waiting for that 'bam' moment that would force me to turn my chair. It didn't happen. Stephen joined Team Will.

Baker, Kate Flynn and Crazy Horse both seemed like nice people but it wasn't to be and they both went home, empty seated.

Mrs Midas please call Sofaworks, I think my red chair is bust....

Hoping to get a foot in the music world was Vikesh Champaneri. I really couldn't fault his audition. He sang well, his tone was good and it was pretty much faultless. Being totally honest though, It didn't connect with me. It did with Ricky though.

Office prankster and rock goddess Rozzy well and truly got my chair to spin. This is right up my street. Powerful, energetic and brilliant. I really like her, she has a voice that could take on any genre and completely nail it. I'm very impressed. Welcome to Team Midas and Team Will.

Sound the Team Midas Essex alarm, up next is Brooklyn. During her VT, I told myself to remain impartial and really think about whether I should spin my chair or not. Then she started rapping and Bam my chair was turned. Being honest, the vocal wasn't perfect but she already looks and sounds like a ready made pop star. I love her. She has something different and people will remember her. Welcome to Team Midas and Team Will.

Did they just say, up next is Nathan Moore? I must have heard it wrong. No, it is correct. The lead singer of 80's band Brother Beyond, who had hits with 'Harder I Try', 'Ain't No Competition' and 'Be My Twin' is back. I was a fan, so my chair turned very quickly. Now, I just need one more coach to spin. Nathan is sounding and looking great and is doing himself proud. Please coaches, just one of you turn. Time up. Blast. Well done and good luck Nathan. Top man.

Last up was Claudia Rose and with only three places left and still two shows remaining, I think I was over cautious. I really should have turned. She was brilliant and one of the best of the night. Holy moly what have I done. I can already feel a steal coming on later in the series. Claudia ended with Team Sir Tom.

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That's it, week five done and dusted. Team Midas now have nine places filled, with three to go.

Right, I'm off to find my Brother Beyond album...see you next week.

The Voice UK continues next Saturday night on BBC One with the penultimate round of blind auditions.

Browse pictures of the full line up of The Voice contestants from the weekend's fifth show below!

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