The Voice UK 2015 review: Olivia Lawson impressed in fourth blind auditions

The Voice 2015 review: Episode 4

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Week four has arrived, quicker than you can say week four has arrived and the level of singing talent this year is as exceptional as ever.

Great show, likeable coaches (ahem) and healthy audience figures. It doesn't get any better than that.

Just like the coaches, I have my own spinning red chair. I will also listen to the acts with my back turned. At the end of the blind auditions, I too, will have my very own team. Team Midas.

First up, was Tim Arnold. He sounded passionate about his music and came across very likeable. I did like his tone and if that is him playing the guitar, then he is very good. I didn't like it enough to turn but thankfully Ricky did.

Kim Alvord has been a girl on the outside, looking in. Close to joining both S Club Juniors and The Saturdays, she is hoping it will be third time lucky. Vocally good, great tone, but Team Midas already have some strong females and because of that, I decided not to turn. Kim joined Sir Tom.

I love a nice trumpet, so luckily for me Dawn 'with the horn' Allen brought one to her audition. Awesome trumpet playing, but no one turned. Her Voice journey ends here. Drummer turned singer Ross Harris, also left empty handed, well, apart from his sticks.

The Mac Bros
The Mac Bros

The Mac Bros, who are not really brothers (keep up) smashed it out of the ball park. It sounded fun, energetic and they were fantastic singers. Rita was the only chair that turned.

Professional dog walker Hollie Barrie has a great 'lead' vocal and I loved it, she got my attention and I turned my chair very quickly. Hollie has a really good vibe and I want her on my team. After a brilliant blind audition Hollie joins Team Will and Team Midas.

Ciaran O'Driscoll was unbelievable, one minute high pitched, the next, deep and low, what technique, amazing stuff. Not one for my team, or in fact anyone's but I wish him well.

Student Morven Brown left me undecided, I really think the potential is there, but her audition didn't make me spin tonight. Morven joined Team Rita. This is one singer I will be keeping an eye on for a later steal.

Oli Bond didn't do enough and he went home but Rosa Lamele sounded and looked fantastic and she joined Sir Tom.

These shows are a perfect platform for singers like Sharon Murphy to get their chance. She has faced a lot of adversity in her life and still remains positive. Her distinctive and breathtaking vocal made Sir Tom turn his chair.

Twin sisters aka DTwinz started off well and I nearly turned but I waited to hear more. The problem is I waited too long and my chance was gone. The girls joined Team Rita

Male model Cai Williams sounded very confident during his VT. He knows what he wants and is hungry for the next step. He sang well and I really can't fault any aspect of his audition. He just didn't do enough to make me spin. Cai joined Sir Tom.

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I really warmed to caretaker Stephen Bloy during his pre-audition piece. He was likeable and honest. Two good traits to have. I personally thought he was fantastic. I could have listened to him all night BUT I never turned for one reason and one reason only. I already have twins Classical Reflection.

Last up tonight was Sunderland student Olivia Lawson. I live in Durham, so with her being a local lass, I really want her to do well. As soon as she finished her first line, boom, my chair was turned. Her tone was amazing, the kind of vocal I absolutely adore. She already looks and sounds like a pop star. Best of the night. 10/10. Olivia joins Team Rita and Team Midas.

That's it, week four done and dusted. Team Midas now have seven places filled, with five to go.

Right, I'm off to play Dawn's trumpet...see you next week

The Voice UK continues next Saturday night on BBC One.

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