The Voice UK: Joe Woolford gets distracted by sexy Rita Ora

The Voice 2015 contestant latest member of Team Rita

Joe Woolford

The Voice UK 2105 contestant Joe Wooldford has confessed that he's found it hard working with Rita Ora on show.

PE teacher Joe from Wales join Team Rita during last night's blind auditions after also getting Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson to turn around for him

“Rita turned round, which was amazing," he recalled today, “It was so surreal."

Joe confessed to getting slightly distracted by the 24-year-old saying: "I can see why people are distracted by her.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s stunning.”

“When I’m talking to her, it’s like: ‘Woah, is this real?’"

Joe added: “A lot of my mates said if I didn’t pick Rita then they wouldn’t be my mate any more!"

However the 19-year-old insisted that his decision to go with Rita was down to music and not looks.

He explained making his choice between Rita, Sir Tom and Ricky: "Her music is the sort of vibe I want to go for and I don't know, I just had a good feeling about going with Rita so I'm definitely happy she turned for me!

"I just thought because she's so young and we're a similar sort of age she'll know how I'm feeling and stuff. I thought that we'd connect well and I just thought that at the time, that she was the best person for me to go for."

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The Voice UK continues next Saturday night on BBC One.

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