The Voice UK 2015 review: Jade Hewitt wows in second blind auditions

The Voice UK recap - Blind Audition show 2

Jade Hewitt

Red chair polished? Check. WD40 applied? Check. Ready to add more people to Team Midas? Triple check. Let's go...

I feel right at home alongside the coaches with my own spinning red chair. Like them, I will listen to the acts with my back turned. At the end of the blind auditions, I too, will have my very own team. Team Midas. Come on cheer us on!

Last week, two of Team Midas spots went to Letitia George and Stevie McCrorie. Will anyone join us this week?

First up was a friend of mine, Jade Hewitt. During the day she works in a crisp factory, at night she becomes a singing sensation. As soon as Jade started singing my chair spun round. It was a powerful and confident audition and I loved it. Welcome to Team Midas.

the voice uk 2015 spoilers tx2 09

Marc Armstrong is the cousin of JLS star JB. Completely forgetting his famous relative, for me, it was good, but not good enough. The coaches agreed.

Next up were identical twins Hannah and Naomi aka classical reflection. They sounded warm and friendly during their VT and I am praying they do well. Oh wow. I am a huge fan of classical music. Within 20 seconds my chair was turned. This is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. A real goosebumps moment for me and who is cutting onions. A stunning world class audition. 10/10. That's four places filled on Team Ricky, I mean Midas. Classical Twins also join my mate Ricky.

During the next VT they played my song 'Goldfinger' the nickname given to me by X Factor champion Ben Haenow. It was meant for my mate Ricky, the man who keeps picking the same acts as me, but it's my theme tune. Mine I tell you...muuuhaaa. Right, sorry about that, back to the talent.

Staffordshire lad Jake Shakeshaft has passion, you could tell that during his build up. I was undecided, it was good but at times shaky, in fairness to him, it's the biggest audition of his life. I did't turn but three others did. Jake joined Team Will.

Farm owning nature lovers Billy Bottle and Martine gave it their best, as did Mitchell Nokes but it wasn't enough. Good luck to them all.

Bricklayer Sasha Simone was hoping to build some bridges by getting one of us to turn our chairs. Can she do it? She was so nervous, I found it really hard to judge and by the time I realised the potential, time was up. I think Sasha is a rough diamond, who will get better and better. Sasha joined Team Sir Tom.

Shellyann was really good but it never connected with me. I love being proved wrong and I hope Shellyann does that. She joins Team Ricky.

DJ Tom Carpenter had a strong family orientated and positive VT. I was really warming to him. About 30 seconds in to his audition, I turned my chair. I like him, great vocal, I really want him on my team BUT I need another chair to spin. Please fellow coaches, will one of you please spin. Please. Times up. I'm devastated. Get in touch Tom, I am a fan.

the voice uk 2015 spoilers tx2 12

Will the last act on tonight, hairdresser Clark Carmody cut it? Great start, lovely tone and talent in abundance. Clark has great range and tone and I think he could take on any song. I think he has a lot more to give. Honestly, I didn't turn, but thankfully for him Rita & Sir Tom did. In the end Clark went for Rita.

That's it, week two, done and dusted.

Jade and Classical Reflection join Letitia and Stevie on Team Midas. Four places down, eight to go.

Right, I'm off to talk tactics with my mate Ricky...see you next week

The Voice UK continues next Saturday night on BBC One.

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