The Voice UK 2015: Emma Willis says lack of joke acts is a WEAKNESS of the show

The Voice

The Voice UK host Emma Willis reckons the show's lack of joke acts is actually a "weakness".

The Voice prides itself in every singer that turns up on stage being good but it has made for a bit of a boring show at times.

Even when acts don't give all-too-amazing vocal performances, the judges still refuse to be critical.

Often the panel can give no real explanation as to why they didn't turn around, instead coming up with worn-out cliches.

Host Emma thinks that it's actually a "weakness" of the format that joke acts aren't allowed on as in The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

"It's hard to be nasty about somebody that's not s**t," she said, putting it very bluntly. "Maybe that's a weakness of the show that we don't have rubbish people on."

The CBB presenter added to the Daily Star newspaper: "We don't have joke acts. They are all very good so there's not much to criticise."

Meanwhile, The Voice UK host Ricky Wilson has suggested that the lack of success from the show's winners is a GOOD thing.

“We didn’t just create a superstar to bridge the gap until the next series," he said. “If I was the record company, I would put a single out the Monday after the show, but they don’t.

“Jermain (Jackman, last year’s winner) hasn’t got his album yet.

“It is testament to how good he is that he can sit back and make the best record possible, then put it out without trying to piggyback on the 10million people who are watching Saturday night TV.”

The Voice UK 2015 continues 7PM Saturday night BBC One.

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