The Voice 2015 judges: Ricky Wilson wants to be back next year

Ricky Wilson (The Voice 2014)

The Voice 2014 judge Ricky Wilson has revealed he hopes to get invited back to the show next year.

Yesterday evening it was revealed it was Jermain Jackman won won The Voice 2014 as the latest series came to an end.

Ricky's already looking ahead to next year's show and reckons that the BBC would be "idiots" to change The Voice 2015's judging line up.

"I love it and it’s working so [the producers] would be idiots to change the coaches," he told The Sun newspaper this weekend.

Although Ricky did confess he wasn't totally sure why producers asked him onto the panel in the first place.

"I thought it was a bigger risk for the BBC to give me the job than it was for me as a musician to take it," he told the tabloid. "I asked one of the producers the other day, and they just said they liked watching me giving interviews on YouTube and thought I’d work."

But Ricky admitted there were some tough times during filming and insisted it wasn't all celebrity and glam behind the scenes.

"Doing a show like this is non-stop," he went on. "Between breaks, we’d collapse in Kylie’s dressing room, change into jogging bottoms, sit on the floor and talk nonsense because we were so zonked."

He added: "After a few weeks, we got more confident. Kylie decided there was only one way to get over the exhaustion, and that was to dance! So we’d stay out with the audience, do silly dancing and have a laugh."

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