The Voice 2014 finalists Meet Sally Barker!

Sally Barker (The Voice 2014)

Here's a look at the second of four Voice UK finalists: It's Team Tom's Sally Barker!

From: Leicester
Style: Folk
Age: 54
Day Job: Singer/Songwriter and Guitar Teacher
Coach Turns at the Blind Auditions: Sir Tom
Knockout Song: “Walk on By” Dionne Warwick
Battle Song: “Dear Darlin” Olly Murs
Blind Audition Song: “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” Nina Simone

“The initial idea was to just get on the television once, even if I didn’t get through, but I’ve got a fair way in it now and I’ve been thinking if I go out at the first Live Show the exposure would have done what I wanted it to do, so there’s nothing to lose.”

What was the most nerve-wracking moment?

“Walking up the steps before you step on to the platform on the top of the stage at the Blind Auditions. Also going down the steps as I’m not good at walking in heels; so basically steps either up or down are a problem for me!”

Did you have a coach in mind before you stepped on stage at the Blind Auditions?

“Initially I was thinking Will (I don’t want to offend Tom) as I quite like the idea of what he would do with me and I like dance music so it would have been an interesting synergy. But I’m really happy with my choice in the end.”

What is the best bit of advice Sir Tom has given you?

“Sir Tom said ‘believe in yourself and be true to yourself’, so I’ve taken that on board, and him saying that has made me more inclined to do what I think is right, not what I think I should do.”

The Voice

How would you describe your coach?

“There’s a lot that’s a given with Sir Tom, his experience speaks for itself, he’s always done what he likes and the genres he loves. His experience works well with my genre so it all just works. He is authoritative, he lets me do what I think I want to do. He thinks ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’”

How would you describe your Team?

“We’re a very diverse team, all three of us are very different, I couldn’t call it at all but it’s down to the public and who’s worked it the best. Because of that my money’s on Georgia.”

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