The Voice UK finalists: Meet Jamie Johnson!

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The Voice UK 2014 final is this weekend and Jamie Johnson is one of just four remaining contestants.

From: Gillingham, Kent
Style: R'n'B/Light Rock/Acoustic
Age: 19
Day Job: Full-time Singer
Coach Turns at the Blind Auditions: Kylie, Ricky and Sir Tom
Knockout Song: “Sex on Fire” Kings of Leon
Battle Song: “Counting Stars” One Republic
Blind Audition Song: “So Sick” Ne-Yo

“Singing... it’s the world, it’s everything, I can’t do anything else. I have no grades in school, I have no business skills, no qualifications. I’m a people person and I can sing, that’s it, it’s scary.”

Did you have a coach in mind before you stepped on stage at the Blind Auditions?

“I was thinking Ricky because of his singing and Will just because he is But now I don’t think I’m crazy enough to be on Will’s team, they are all so different and unique. I chose Kylie because I felt like she could teach me a lot.”

How would you describe Kylie?

“Kylie is so cool, she’s good looking but I think people already know that. She has so much experience and she changes her sound every time she releases something new. She’s small and she’s really fit but don’t write that!”

How would you describe your Team?

“We have a really good team, the best team. Mainly because of Rachael, I think she is going to smash it. I’ve told Rachael she’s going to win, all my family think so. Lee is unique and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I think the winner is on my team.”

What is Kylie’s coaching style?

“She’s very hands-on. She jumped up at the Knockout rehearsals during Sex on Fire, telling the band what to do. It was the same for the Battles. She doesn’t sit back and watch. She never sits down, she is always moving.”

The Voice

What is the most surreal thing that’s ever happened when you’ve been with your coach?

"At the Battles, I had some lyrics written on my hand, Kylie asked if they were lyrics. She said 'I don’t want to see any lyrics on your hand anymore', she rolled up the paper in her hand and smacked my hand with her paper. I laughed and she then said 'you were lucky it wasn’t like this,' and then she spanked my bum. I got spanked by Kylie Minogue! But no one believes me.”

What did you want to be when you were little?

“A train driver. My mum and dad used to call me their fat controller from Thomas The Tank Engine.”