The Voice 2014 finalists: Meet Christina Marie Wickens!

The Voice

With just a handful of sleeps left until the Voice UK 2014 final, meet the latest finalist Christina Marie Wickens!

From: Bristol
Style: R'n'B/Rock
Age: 20
Day Job: Legal Secretary
Coach Turns at the Blind Auditions: Ricky, Kylie and Sir Tom
Knockout Song: “Vision of Love” Mariah Carey
Battle Song: “The Power of Love” Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Blind Audition Song: “I Have Nothing” Whitney Houston

“This is an amazing opportunity and I’m not lucky enough to have rich parents to help me if I fail. I’m moving to London with no job and nowhere to live, this is not a joke for me. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be here and I have to make it work.”

What is the best bit of advice Ricky has given you?

“He told me to be honest and real in my performance, to feel the song and open up, 'let people feel it with you'. I’m a perfectionist, and I just need to stop because sometimes you can over perfect things. It’s great to have Ricky to tell me its fine and to stop worrying.”

How would you describe Ricky?

“He is one of the nicest and most genuine guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s very down to earth, very real and very funny. He’s attentive, incredibly supportive and never intimidating, he treats us all as his equals and because of that I would describe him as a friend, as well as a mentor.”

How would you describe your Team?

“A wonderful and varied pick'n'mix, there is something for everyone. I am the rock chick with the big and belty voice, Emily is also belty but more of a glam diva, whereas Chris is really soulful so we have rock, diva and soul.”

The Voice

What’s Ricky’s coaching style?

“He absorbs and observes, he’s very involved but gives you the breathing space to be yourself and allows you to bring your own style and personality to the table. He never tries to change anything about who you are, but simply offers up advice about the best ways enhance your individuality.”

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened when you’ve been with Ricky?

“It was off camera when me, Ricky and Nathan [her battle partner] were talking about what we were doing that night. Ricky said he was looking forward to going home, eating chips in bed and watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot and he knew exactly what time it was on television. Nathan was more rock ‘n’ roll than him because he was going to a gig. It was surreal.”

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