The Voice UK finalists: Meet Jermain Jackman!

The Voice

It's The Voice UK 2014 final on Saturday and here we profile Team Will's finalist Jermain Jackman.

From: London
Style: Soul/Gospel
Age: 19
Day Job: Librarian/Youth Politician/Youth Mentor
Coach Turns at the Blind Auditions:
Knockout Song: “A House Is Not A Home” Luther Vandross
Battle Song: “I Knew You Were Waiting” Aretha Franklin and George Michael
Blind Audition Song: “I’m Telling You” Jennifer Hudson

Did you have a coach in mind before you stepped on stage at the Blind Auditions?

“It was always going to be because he can see something in a singer that no one else sees. He sees someone’s potential and takes it to a whole different level that no one else would have thought to take it to. He thinks completely outside the box.”

How would you describe

“Intelligent, wacky but wonderful, and he knows what he’s talking about. A lot of what he says seems like gibberish but he sees things on a different level and it all makes sense in the end... There’s only one”

How would you describe your Team?

“Iesher is a Beyoncé type, a Soul/pop/R'n'B Diva, she has an amazing voice. I’ve known her for a long time as we live in the same area and know each other from the music scene when growing up and we’ve always supported each other along the way. Sophie has a nice calming jazz voice and is very shy, but she’s in a league of her own in terms of style of vocal ability. We’re all so loving and supportive of each other, I think it’ll help us in the long run. I’m surrounded by amazing singers so that will push me to work harder, it means I need to push myself much more.”

The Voice

What is the most surreal thing that’s ever happened when you’ve been with your coach?

“During rehearsals for the Knockouts I bumped into Will outside the studio and he started talking to me in French, I then decided to respond in French. We were doing this for about three minutes. The funny thing is though I can’t speak French and nor can he... we were basically talking a made-up language that neither of us understood for ages... it was completely surreal and that’s just what Will is like.”

What has the reaction been like at work?

“The kids at the youth club tell me they’re inspired that someone like them, from their area and background, can get on a prime time BBC One show, it shows them that it is possible to better themselves. It’s great because I’m doing what I love in singing AND reaching out to young people at the same time, so I’m killing two birds with one stone.”

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