The Voice 2014: Kylie Minogue becomes Jamie Johnson's roadie!

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Kylie Minogue became Jamie Johnson's roadie ahead of tonight's Voice UK semi final.

Jamie - who usually pays his sister £5 to help out at his gigs - enjoyed chauffeuring Aussie popstar Kylie around in his mini as he prepared for this evening's latest live show.

"I was so nervous driving Kylie around - I didn't want to stall in front of her, it would have been so embarrassing," said Jamie, who was given a fast pass through to this weekend's semi-final by mentor Kylie last week.

He continued: "I love Kylie, she is just always up for a laugh. I would definitely book her to be my full time roadie, but I am not sure if my little sister would ever forgive me."

Kylie Minogue and Jamie

Tonight will see Jamie go head to head with Team Kylie rival Lee Glasson as the pair prepare to battle it out for just one spot in the live shows.

However while both are loving working with Kylie, it does have its drawbacks.

Lee said: “She’s gorgeous. We both have a crush on her and we’re competitive about that. She’s a massive flirt too. She’s always going on about my guns (biceps). It’s distracting.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper this morning, Jamie added: “It’s a distraction that we’re working with Kylie Minogue... this is Kylie Minogue! She’s stunning.”

The Voice UK continues tonight on BBC One.