The Voice 2014 contestants: Top 5 live performances

Rachael O'Connor (The Voice 2014)

We've been doing some number crunching to reveal the weekend's most popular Voice UK performances, and the results are surprising...

Based on views of the live Quarter Final performances on YouTube since they aired on Saturday night, we've complied a list of the most popular acts from the weekend.

What's interesting is that all of the Top 5 are female... but three of them were kicked out from the show, and the only two that were not eliminated didn't actually face the public vote.

Meanwhile, both Team Ricky and Team Tom have two acts in Top 5 but Team Will has none.

So who are the top 5? Behold!

Christina Marie

It's no real surprise to see Christina at the top here with another brilliantly powerful performance from the young singer. We'd have been more surprised if she hadn't been Number One.

Sally Barker

The current bookies' favourite and the makings of a stereotypical winner of The Voice UK, Sally Barker's success online is also not that surprising. Although we did feel her live performance didn't quite live up to some of songs from the pre-recorded rounds.

Emily Adams

We're big fans of Emily and it seemed she impressed a whole lot of people at the weekend to land at Number 3 on this chart. The wild hair singer also hit the iTunes charts with her cover of Happy but it still saw her eliminated from Team Ricky.

Georgia Harrup

Also leaving the competition was Georgia Harrup who somehow lost to Bizzi Dixon in the public vote. While her live performance probably wasn't her best, especially with a dodgy start, it's still proving to be popular online.

Rachael O'Connor

Finally we've got poor Rachael O'Connor: Once a favourite and now a first week eliminee joining the likes of Samuel Buttery and Ruth-Ann St. Luce. Rachael is the only entry from Team Kylie on the list but she still went home against Lee Glasson in the public vote.

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