The Voice 2014 judges: Ricky Wilson is the biggest diva backstage

The Voice

The Voice UK judge Ricky Wilson reckons he's more nervous than his acts ahead of the live shows this weekend.

On Sunday night we saw Ricky chose to take through Christina Marie, Emily Adams and Chris Royal through to the live shows.

Speaking before Saturday's live debut - for both his acts and himself - Ricky admitted: "I'll be more nervous than these guys. I think anybody that cares suffers with nerves. And I really care about this."

Ricky went on to praise his trio of singers but said they can only win if they believe hard enough.

"One of them definitely could win. I'm sure all the other coaches are saying the same thing, but in the music industry you can't do anything unless you really believe it," he explained. "You've got to believe you're the best. There's no point if you don't think you're the best.

"Everyone says, 'Who's your favourite band?' and my favourite band is mine. Not just because I'm in it - it's because that's what it's all about. It's not like I'm going to go, 'Well, I wish I was as good as them...' There'd be no point."

In an interview with the DigitalSpy website, Ricky also had nothing but good words to say about his rival coaches claiming HE was the biggest diva backstage.

"I thought working with the three other coaches who are megastars, there was going to be a bit of diva-ing, but you suddenly realise that they're too busy to be divas and they're just getting on with it," the Kaiser Chiefs frontman revealed. " If I had similar powers - not powers, because they're not superheroes - but if I had similar powers to Kylie, Tom or will, I would have been going by day three, 'Come on'. Because I was saying to Tom, 'Come on, shall we just have a break?' And he was literally like, 'You just get on with it!'

"By the end of the day I'd be like, 'Oh God, get me to the hotel'. Will would be off to the studio producing Britney's record and Tom would be getting on a plane to somewhere to do a gig and Kylie's travelling to Australia to do the Australian Voice and I'm like, 'I'm the only one with time off!' And I was thinking, 'And I'm the one that was complaining the most'."

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