The Voice UK: Iesher Haughton hits back at bullies

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The Voice 2014 contestant Iesher Haughton has hit back at the bullies who now want to be her friends.

The singer, who is in the live shows on Team Will, revealed how her former tormentors now want to be her friends.

Speaking the Metro newspaper, Iesher told how she's also been receiving messages from ex-boyfriends who want to get back in touch.

But Iesher revealed: "I just kind of delete them.

"Yeah I am on TV now but you weren’t thinking about that when you dumped me, were you?"

Iesher went on to reveal how she was bullied in school for being TOO THIN.

"I used to get called anorexic and things," the petite teenager told the tabloid. "But when I started college I decided to make a new start.

"I wanted to be me. That’s when I started singing."

Iesher added: "Being the person that I want to be has opened my eyes and made me realise I don’t need to care about what other people think about me because I am who I am."

Meanwhile, Iesher admitted that she's been spending perhaps too much time with mentor and coach

She said: "Will is always saying 'Whaaaaaat?' and after a few weeks I’ve started saying to my mum, 'Whaaaaaat?' She was like, 'Where has that come from'? I’ve got in with the way Will talks."

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