The Voice 2014 finalists: Ricky Wilson asks for help picking final act

Ricky Wilson (The Voice 2014)

Ricky Wilson turns to his fellow Voice UK coaches for help tonight.

The knockout rounds continue this evening as Team Ricky and Team Will sing for a spot in the live shows.

But Ricky finds it impossible to pick his final three acts once all seven have sung their knockout song.

Ricky calls a group meeting between his fellow coaches and tells them: "It's between Jazz and Emily."

He adds: "I think Emily's got something."

But Ricky's rival coaches don't exactly help.

Will makes things even harder as he replies: "It should be Jessica."

And Sir tom complicates matters further still as he says: "I like Beth, I think little Beth's got something."

Kylie plays the diplomat and tells the Kaiser Chiefs front man: "Just go with your heart Ricky."

Going back to his seat, Ricky finally makes up his mind: "This is really tough.

"Whoever I put through as the final person, it's because of what I think they can do not 'cause of what they've done already. The final person going through is..."

Oh we love to tease you!

Who do you think Ricky will pick for his team? Which three of Team Ricky do you want in the live shows? Add your thoughts in the comments!

The Voice UK airs tonight form 7:45PM on BBC One.

Browse pictures of Team Ricky's Knockout Round performances below...

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