Tonight's The Voice 2014 results: Who's in the live shows?

The Voice

Tonight's The Voice UK knockout results are here so who's in the live shows?

This evening the first Voice 2014 finalists have been revealed after Team Kylie and Team Tom took part in the knockouts.

In each team the seven singers performed one song - their own choice and arrangement - before their coach picked just three to progress.

Kylie Minogue was first up to make her choices following the performances and said: "There's no way of choosing three people and being happy. I've tried to put the jigsaw together every way and it doesn't work." however had some harsh words for her acts, saying: "I think the song selections were too obvious, except for Jamie's.

"The music industry isn't just about looking at what you do but what the competition is doing."

He added: "I don't think you other guys were paying attention to how explosive Jamie was. He's got to go through. He's be my centerpiece.

"And I know Femi can bring it and Leo is freaking amazing too."

Ricky added: "I think the boys did a little bit more better than the girls."

But with a dramatic lighting change it was down to Kylie and her alone to make her choices and she backed Lee Glasson, Jamie Johnson and Rachael O'Connor to go through.

The decisions left Will and Sir Tom surprised with the pair shocked that Kylie didn't take Femi Santiago through.

Will later blamed the song choices on Kylie's decisions as he claimed: "It's like a hot model with a great physique but with a curtain on."

However Kylie seemed more than happy with her choices as she gathered her final three for a celebratory hug.

The Voice

Next Sir Tom Jones had to make his choices.

After the performances, Kylie gave her view: "They've all had the Tom effect. If I was just to say one performance that stood out, I have a slight obsession with Georgia I think she fantastic."

Will agreed: "The best one that blew me away was Georgia's because of the twist. She re-invented something that I wasn't expecting, a curve ball like that was really fantastic."

Ricky added: "Sally's always been one of my favourites but it's not just experience, you can hear that emotion pouring out. She can take you with her."

Sir Tom eventually announced that Sally Barker, Georgia Harrup and Bizzi Dixon would be going through to the approval of

The Black Eyed Peas star said: "Sir Tom's team was pristine, he picked the right people. Bizzi was fantastic and with Tom's guidance he can be ferocious. "

Meanwhile Ricky commented: "Georgia's great, I always thought she could be sensational. I didn't turn for her, what an idiot."

Do you think Kylie and Tom made the right choices? Add your comments below!

The Voice UK continues TOMORROW (Sunday) night on BBC One from 7:45PM.

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