The Voice 2014 spoilers: Rachael O'Connor faces Amelia O'Connell in battles

Rachael O'Connor (The Voice 2014)

Rachael O'Connor will do battle with Amelia O'Connell in The Voice UK tomorrow night and the two teens are ready to go head to head.

Tomorrow night we'll see Rachael singing off against Amelia in a head to head musical duel as the remaining acts compete for a spot in the knockout stages.

The two Team Kylie singers weren't shocked to be paired off with Rachael saying: "Well, to be honest, me and Amelia realised we would be up against each other. The only two 16-year-old girls and both the same style - it would have been a bit weird not to be up against each other!"

Amelia agreed: "A couple of days after the audition we had to watch each other's blinds, and me and Rachael said to each other, 'We're definitely going to be picked!' It's one of those things you just know. But I think at that point, because the battle wasn't straight away, we had a chance to get to know each other a bit more before it was a proper competition."

As members of Kylie's team there is no chance that any of the pair will be stolen (Kylie is the only coach not to have used her steal to date) which forced them both to up their performance.

"I remember the morning we arrived at the studios and we were all put in a room, we were told Kylie was the only one with her steal so no-one can be stolen," Rachael recalled. "I remember thinking, 'No!' Because I was just hoping that if Kylie didn't pick me... Tom and Ricky were really nice about me in the blind so it was like, 'OK, I've got a back-up plan!' But that was out! It made me a bit more strong to fight. It just made me work harder for it, I think."

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Amelia added: "I remember being told on the day, like, 'Oh my gosh'. That's a big deal. I don't think it added to the pressure though, to be honest."

The Voice UK airs tomorrow (Saturday) night on BBC One from 7PM.

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