The Voice 2014 battle rounds: Jade Mayjean Peters sings Britney

Jade Mayjean Peters (The Voice 2014)

Jade Mayjean Peters takes on duo Gemyni in a Britney Spears battle on The Voice UK tonight.

It's the final set of battle rounds this evening and on Kylie Mingoue's team twin sisters Gemyni fight with Jade for a spot in the knockout stage.

With Sir Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson having already used their steals there's no second chance for any of the girls if Kylie doesn't pick them to go through.

The tiro get a pop classic from the Aussie singer as they perform Britney's hit Hit Me Baby One More Time.

And in rehearsals Kylie tells the budding performers to work on their stage presence as well as their voice.

She suggests: "At some point I want you to make your way around the piano and have fun with it."

Jade however is feeling nervous, telling cameras: "It's quite scary that there is two against just me because it's double the power but I'm going to try and put my mark on it."

It's possibly the politest battle ever as the girls all wish each other good luck on the stage before bursting into song leaving Kylie with a tough decision.

After the performance and Kylie and her fellow coaches offer their views.

"They did me proud, form rehearsals you took it to the next level," Kylie tells the group.

"It turned out to be a fair fight. I really enjoyed it I was so wrapped up in listening and looking I forgot it was a battle and someone has to leave," Sir Tom says.

Ricky adds: "That song launched a massive career and it will do the same for whoever she puts through."

But only Kylie can make the decision - who do you think she will pick? Make your predictions in the comments!

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The Voice UK battle rounds air tonight from 8PM on BBC One.

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