The Voice 2014:'s most ridiculous quotes from this series

We're loving Will on The Voice UK again this year and he's coming out with some cracking lines.

The Black Eyed Peas star hasn't disappointed us with some wacky one-liners, mad comparisons and ridicuous raps from the blind auditions to the battles.

Here's just a handful of our favourite lines from The Voice 2014...

The possum metaphor

On Andy Otley's blind audition:

You're driving a car, you hit a possum. Did you kill it? Cause right now I've got out of the car and it's moving around still. 'Put me out of misery!'. You didn't kill it, kill it. I hope my metaphor didn't confuse you.

Flyin' and Fryin'

On singer Jazz-Bates Chambers:

You have an incredible voice. And when you two find songs together, you are a deadly force. Once you get on a flyin’ and you guys are fryin, in fact don’t even act like you’re tryin’ and I ain't lyin’. I swear it’s going to be dope. Totally fresh


On picking the final acts for his team:

Somebody comes out and is pretty good, and you pass on them. And then the next couple are ducks and they come quacking, then you messed up on that awesome one.

There are a couple of singers left. One of them could be golden. Or they could all be ducks. You got Donald, you got Daphne, Daisy duck, Scrooge McDuck, you’ve got freaking Howard the duck. All three Duck Tales! Woo Woo!

The Voice

Will's female friend

On Callum Crowley's need to work on his voice:

I know this girl that was flat but then she went to Brazil and came back looking like something else. I’m not saying I’ll take you to Brazil but we can fine tune.

Will goes to outer space

On Nathan Amzi's performance in the battle rounds:

People watching this at home, what Nathan just did right now, was he was thrown into outer space, being an animal that lives in the ocean. He performed wonderful feats out there in space. You really tore it up.

That’s like a ballerina going to a football or rugby match and just wrecking shop. Not that I am saying you’re a ballerina…. That was too, too cool. Get it, ballerina, tutu?

Instrument showdown

On Jessica Steele and Anna McLuckie's battle round showdown:

I like the fact that she's pushed herself to play something. it's like 'What? You're playing the freaking oboe? Well I'm playing he bassoon!' 'What you're hula hooping? Well I'm sky diving!'

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