The Voice 2014: Lee Glasson, Jimmy Weston clash in battle rounds

 Jimmy Weston (The Voice 2014)

There's a frosty battle on The Voice UK tonight as Jimmy Weston and Lee Glasson go head to head.

While the battles are all about rivalry, it's for the most part friendly and just for the cameras.

But it's clear that there's real tension between Jimmy and Lee as they prepare to sing against one another on Team Kylie.

The Aussie star is looking forward to hearing both perform, remarking before their battle: "Jimmy's got that lovely, raspy Bryan Adams rock voice whereas Lee likes to really put his kind of take on it."

In rehearsals for their duet on When You Were Young by The Killers, Lee admits: "The piano session was kind of difficult. Jimmy kind of took the reigns.

"He seems to think I've got more lines than him and I've got better sections."

Jimmy complains that he has 'too much' of the chorus but isn't sorry for speaking up: "I've got to try and do my best. I've got to be better than my battle partner."

Mentor Kylie tells cameras: "Jimmy has a lot to say and I'm not sure how Lee is coping with it all."

Scissor Sisters Jake Shears, who Kylie has brought in to help coach her acts, has some tough words of advice for Lee.

He says: "I think Lee is feeling a little bit inferior, he's just going to have to get over any insecurities he's got."

Later when Jimmy and Lee take part in their last rehearsal on stage there are more clashes.

Lee says: "He [Jimmy] tends to try and give me direction but I'm here to get direction from a global superstar, not Jimmy Weston from Coventry."

The Voice UK airs tonight from 7PM on BBC One.

Browse pictures of tonight's Voice UK battle round performances below...

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