The Voice UK's Jamie Lovatt is only here for the "free advertising"

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The Voice contestant Jamie Lovatt has confessed he's only on the show to promote his band.

The singer fronts a group called Romance but "wasn't allowed" to sing with them on the competition.

But Jamie's success - joining Team Ricky in Saturday night's final audition show - doesn't mean the end for them.

In fact, going on The Voice is all part of the group's plan to relaunch themselves.

"My and Romance are still together," Jamie said. “We’ve been sat on an album which we recorded for a major record label a few years ago and it seems silly to waste it, dump it, or just put it out to nothing.

“It seemed like a really amazing piece of free advertising to go on a show like this. I guess I’ve used myself as a little bit of a guinea pig to see if this’ll work.”

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Jamie claimed that the move was one of the few ways left into the music world.

“The industry is not what it was 40, 20, even ten years ago. It’s a completely different ball game," he explained. “Labels aren’t really in a position to sign bands at a young stage like they used to when they put money into that band to put out four or five albums until they get to the height of being a rock superstar band.

“People don’t think of someone like Jagger or Jim Morrison going on these shows but if you were to take them at the age they were sort of discovered and have them living now would that happen?

“I think there’s a strong possibility they would. We’ve had a bit of down time as a band, I thought it’d be a fun experience and to be honest with you from my background and my position I just wanted to see how far someone from a rock aspect could go in a competition like this.”

Jamie added to the tabloid at the weekend: “I feel I’m just doing what a lot of mums and dads do every day. I’m trying to put my band on the map, you’re trying to keep your kids alive.”