The Voice 2015 judges: How Ricky Wilson's girlfriend keeps him grounded

Ricky Wilson (The Voice 2014)

Ricky Wilson's girlfriend seeks out negative tweets in a bid to keep The Voice UK coach grounded.

In a bizarre way of bonding, the pair scour the web for nasty messages together.

How romantic.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Ricky explained: "It took me two years to think it [The Voice UK] was a good idea.

"That’s the problem with the ‘alternative’ world – you think of all that can go wrong not the one huge benefit.

"Some people would think I’m a ginger c**k even if I ended all war."

And Ricky reckons reading the messages left by Twitter trolls help keep his feet on the ground.

He joked: "I have my hair cut by a barber. It’s £8, I usually give ‘em 10. I’m a flash b*d like that."

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman ruled out ever launching a full-time career move into telly, branding the BBC One series little more than something to get him "out of the house."

The rock singer explained: "The TV sits in the corner of everybody’s room. If you wanna get heard, get on TV. It gets me out of the house."

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