The Voice UK live shows: 5 ways to help boost ratings

Kylie Minogue (The Voice 2014)

With The Voice 2014 live shows approaching what can be done to make sure ratings stay up?

So far the live shows have been where The Voice UK has fallen apart, falling to lows of less than 4 million viewers last year.

This year it's been a case of so far, so good with ratings currently performing at least solidly if not exactly spectacularly.

But with the launch of the live shows this weekend, can Beeb bosses make sure people stay tuned in? Here's our own suggestions that we feel will help get ratings up when it comes to the live shows.

Keep the scheduling consistent

Last year's Voice was all over the place, not helped by the one week off due to Eurovison. The auditions aired at various times, from 6PM through to gone 8:30PM, the battles started on Saturday and Sunday, but then moved to just Saturday, and the live shows kicked off on a Friday, before moving back to Saturday. This year that schedule has already been improved thanks to a shift to an earlier start in January - let's hope it stays that way for the live shows!

Forget the teams for eliminations

Eliminations should see the least popular acts go overall, rather than those who simply have the fewest votes in their team. If it means that a coach has no artists in the final, or one coach still has all three left, so be it. This is our biggest frustration with the live show format, one that has been changed in the US but not in the UK.

Make sure the coaches know what's going on

Last year's live shows descended into a bit of a farce at times with neither Sir Tom Jones nor Jessie J appearing to have been advised on exactly what was going on with a twist in the first week.


We love Will to bits but his attempts in the past to grab attention - such as trying to reveal his fast pass choice via Twitter - have made for awful telly. The Black Eyed Peas star loves his tech but The Voice is still a TV show at the end of the day.

More live shows, less eliminations

Once again this year will see just three live shows for the stage which should be the most climatic part of the series. Eliminating four acts in one go every week is too much to follow and we get next to no time to get to know any of the finalists before it's all over. Again the US show has fixed this - they have seven live shows - but the UK series has remained feeling like a rush to end.

What would you change about The Voice? Add your comments below!

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