The Voice 2014 recap: All of tonight's final auditions highs and lows


The final auditions of The Voice UK 2014 are over and here's a recap of all of tonight's action. left it right until the last minute to complete his team this evening as the four coaches filled up their last few spots.

Going into the last day of filming, Kylie Minogue needed just the one act to finish her line up of twelve while Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones and all had two free spots each.

First up trying to win one of those final few spots was ambulance controller Tom Barnwell who seemed to win over Kylie with his work's "Madonna Mic" alone. Tom put a spin on Estelle's hit American Boy, a track co-produced by himself and had the Black Eyed Peas star grooving with Kylie to the performance.

In the end Tom became the latest to get all four coaches spinning around, although Ricky admitted he didn't quite remember why he pressed his buzzer. Fortunately the Kaiser Chiefs fan didn't really need to bother with a real pitch as it was always going to be team Will for Tom.

The Voice


With the coaches getting picky we then whizzed through a number of acts who all failed to impress the panel.

Johnny singing All Night Long did however get some insightful feedback from Ricky, who told him: "You were definitely a singer."

Let's hope Johnny takes that on board.

Next we met "really cool guy" Gary Poole, a member of former boyband trio Troi who Marvin Humes claimed to know of but we think he was just being polite. After singing Valerie (the Amy Winehouse version), the 48-year-old music teacher won over both Ricky and Sir Tom.


Regrettably, Kylie decided to sing her feedback before Gary chose to become the penultimate member of Team Tom.

Angie Brown has already had a taste of success with her 1990 dance hit I'm Gonna Get You with Bizarre but told us she doesn't want to be known as a one hit wonder. It was therefore rather ridiculous for the 50-year-old to then sing that very song for her audition and to fail to get a single coach to turn around.

Still, at least the royalty fees from her performance will mean she'll probably earn more than the acts that actually do make the live shows probably ever will from their music.

16-year-old Essex girl Luciee Marie Closier was the latest 'quirky' singer to audition with a sometimes painful version of Pixie Lott's Mama Do. When singing normally the teen had a rather beautiful voice but for reasons unknown decided to litter the performance with some weird notes to be "different". Still, it impressed Ricky enough to win her a spot on his team.


With the judges getting picky another montage of acts went before the panel who were all given nos by the panel.

Retired West End singer Teresa Vasiliou, 24-year-old Bianca Nicholas and teenager Aaliyah Dickens were all rejected by the coaches but still told they were brilliant and had to come back.

On we went with 29-year-old Kenny Thompson, finally a good and different singer who has an absolutely lovely voice. Nervous Kenny hypnotised with his performance of New York State Of My Mind which left Sir Tom and Ricky to both press heir buzzers and pitch for the performer. Sir Tom won out (poor Ricky!) and became the first coach of the evening to complete his team.

24-year-old Romance band frontman Jamie Lovatt performed Everybody's Free for the panel, telling the coaches that he "wasn't allowed" to bring his bandmates along. It didn't hamper his performance however and both Ricky and Kylie turned around with Ricky becoming the second coach to complete his team.

With only Kylie and Will having spots remaining on their teams, 22-year-old unsigned artist Nomakhosi Nkosi was the latest to perform for the caches like so many singers before her declared she wanted to be the 'next Beyonce'. Kylie was the lone coach to press her buzzer to finish her team.

Liz Oki's emotional audition left in tears next after she reminded the rapper of his aunt who passed away recently.

Despite not turning around, the Black Eyed Peas star thanked Liz for singing as she empathised with him: “I think I know how you feel… I lost my mother two weeks ago.”

The Voice

Competing for the final spot in the whole of the competition were bank manager Erin and phlebotomist (try to make a rap out of that, Will) Cherri Prince.

Only one of the pair could make it through to the next round and Will left it to the last possible second to press his buzzer for his chosen act.

It was Cherri who won the spot although we're not entirely convinced that Will actually wanted either of the girls on his team but simply had no other choice.

At least he pressed his buzzer which came to the relief of the other coaches who no doubt wanted to finally change their clothes.

And so the teams were complete...

The Voice 2014 teams


Anna McLuckie
Sophie May Williams
Jermain Jackman
Iesher Haughton
Jessica Steele
Sarah Eden-Winn
James Byron
Femi Santiago
Callum Crowley
Kiki deVille
Tom Barnell
Cherri Prince


Lee Glasson
Leo Ihenacho
Jamie Johnson
Jimmy Weston
Jai McConnell
Rachael O’Connor
Steven Alexander
Joe Keegan
Jade Mayjean Peters
Amelia O’Connell
Nomakhosi Nkosi


Beth McCarthy
Christina Marie
Kelsey-Beth Crossley
Myles Evans
Tila & Tavelah Robinson
Chris Royal
Max Murphy
Jazz Bates-Chambers
Nathan Amzi
Emily Adams
Luciee Marie Closier
Jamie Lovatt


Sally Barker
Mairead Conlon
Vicky Jones
Georgia Harrup
Laverne Scott-Roberts
Elesha Paul Moses
Talia Smith
Bizzi Dixon
Gary Poole
Kenny Thompson

The Voice 2014 continues to air next weekend from 7PM on BBC One with the battle rounds.

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