The Voice 2014 judges pick their final artists

Kenny Thompson (The Voice 2014)

Tonight's episode of The Voice UK 2014 sees the four coaches pick their final artists.

Going into this evening's show Kylie Minogue has just one spot on her team of twelve while, Ricky Wilson and Sir Tom Jones each have two free places.

"I think Will's going to keep it until the very last person, " Ricky says. " I'm just going to play the game my war."

He adds: "I've been thinking about my team and I want a real variety. I want to hear something and have no choice but to push my button."

Kylie trots out a cliche: "I'm expecting the unexpected. "

She continues: "I'm looking out for a girl, when I hear a voice I will push my button and that's it."

And Sir Tom Jones - who has the opposite problem with his team of nine girls and a single guy - brags: "I'll have the best team and if they don't already know it, then I'll tell them!"

Will says: "I'm waiting on someone to bring the thunder."

But the pressure seems to get to Will later as he admits his decision to reject an act could have been wrong.

He tells the unlucky performer: "At this stage, it's like a relationship, you could be that one, you could be the one that god away."

The Voice 2014 blind auditions air tonight from 7PM on BBC One.

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