The Voice 2014 STATS! Which coach was the most buzzer happy?

The Voice UK 2014 coaches

We've been busy crunching the numbers from The Voice UK blind auditions this year to give you all the stats you could possibly want.

Over the past seven weeks we saw a grand total of 18 acts sing the coaches with 48 of those winning a spot in the next round.

Ricky Wilson was the most buzzer friendly...

New coach Ricky Wilson was by far the most eager of all the judges to press his buzzer doing so some 27 times.

Tom and Kylie weren't too far behind but was the least likely to press his buzzer doing so only 14 times, almost half as many turns as Ricky.

...but rarely won against the others

Although Ricky pressed his buzzer the most the Kaiser Chiefs star found it hard to pitch to acts the successfully persuade them to join his team.

Of the times that the coaches all turned for the same act, Will and Kylie would often come out on top while Sir Tom won one artist against all the others. Poor Ricky did not win a single act when the other coaches were also pitching.

Sir Tom Jones proved the ladies man

More than a two-third of the acts that Sir Tom Jones turned for were girls, a similar figure to who also seemed to prefer the female acts. It left Sir Tom with a team of twelve that including a whopping nine women performers!

Kylie was the most equal when it came to turning for guys and girls with just under half of her turns being for male performers... and perhaps unsurprisingly, she won most of those! was the lone wolf

Will was the judge that turned the most on his own with a total of seven acts - more than half his team - being picked up when he was the lone coach to press the buzzer. The Black Eyed Peas star would often leave it to the last second to spin to keep his nickname of Sneaky Willy.

Kylie on the other hand only ever turned for an act her own the once and that was in the final blind audition show when neither Ricky nor Sir Tom could spin having already completed their teams.

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