The Voice 2014 judges: refuses to turn in final auditions (The Voice 2014) has turned the least on this year's series of The Voice 2014 and it's not a habit that's about to change.

Ahead of the final audition show on Saturday night, number crunching has shown that Will has pressed his buzzer the fewest times this series.

The Black Eyed Peas star has ten of his twelve acts selected - the same amount as both Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson - while Kylie Minogue has eleven picked going into the last day of filming.

But Will's refusal to press his buzzer doesn't stop as for the third time in as many series he's left as the only act yet to complete his team.

"Will’s tactics could be seen as arrogance or he may just be cautious," a source said today.

They told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "One thing’s for sure, he kept his turns to a minimum, spinning for around half the number of acts that the others did.

“Many were also done at the last moment, which meant he lived up to his previous nickname of Sneaky Willy.”

To be fair to Will, deciding whether or not to press the buzzer at this stage of the competition isn't straight forward.

The coaches have to figure out whether to turn for acts and forgo the opportunity to press their buzzers any more, or risk saying no in the hope that another artist will come onto the stage and blow them away.

“Shall I press or shall I wait?” veteran coach Sir Tom asks himself in the last episode tomorrow night.

“You’ve just got to go in for the killer blow,” Ricky adds.

Kylie says: “It’s getting really tough.”

However sneaky Willy is up to his old tactics and it doesn’t go unnoticed by his fellow judges.

“Will’s playing a dangerous game,” Ricky warns.

But Will defends his actions, saying of one act he turned around for: “We’re not messing around here. You could be the one that got away.”

The Voice UK airs tomorrow (Saturday) night at 7PM on BBC One.

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