The Voice 2014 review: Blind Auditions show six


Places are fast running out on the Teams with only one or two still available. Team Midas and our swivling red chair is no exception. Only four places remain on the Midas couch.

Blackpool teenager Emily Adams got the show off to a good start. Good vocal, lovely tone but not enough for my chair to turn. Ricky was the man and gave Emily a place on his team.

John Rafferty and Talia Smith were hoping to do it for the country scene. In my opinion John was the better of the two but only Sir, 'I have a lot of girls on my team' Tom turned his chair for Talia.

Brothers Shenton and Bizzi Dixon arrived at the auditions together but were quite clearly in competition. Tribute performer Shenton was up first. Again it wasn't bad, but not enough for the coaches or Midas chair to turn. Can his brother do it?

The nerves were very apparent for Bizzi and who can blame him, with so much at stake. His performace grew stonger as he got into it but only Sir Tom turned. That will do.

Mrs M I really think my red chair is bust. It doesn't want to turn. Give DFS a's still under warranty.

Nathan Amzi never really put the chair to the test. He got Ricky to turn but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Burlesque performer Kiki DeVille showed Marvin her tassles before wowing the audience with a very strong vocal. I must confess I do know Kiki and I know what she is capable of. It's a no brainier. Kiki joins Team Will and Team Midas. I now have just three places remaining.

Will Teacher Callum Crowley give us a lesson in singing? This is how to nail an audition. I turned my chair after the first few notes. His voice is unique, strong and will get better with coaching. This lad is one to watch in this competition. Callum joins Team Will and Team Midas.

When you audition this late in the process and with places in the teams running out, Paul Raj and Marc William needed to be world class. Sadly for them it wasnt enough and they both went home.

Listening to Amrick Channa's VT made me want to route for him but sadly the performance didn't wow me or the coaches and the journey ended.

Will shop worker Jazz Bates-Chambers 'sale' in to the battle rounds or will she be heading back to her dressing room? Jazz has an amazing voice and I turned very quickly. Great look, she already has the feel of a pop star. With places limited it was a very close call, but I couldn't add Jazz to my team. I hope I don't regret this. Jazz joins Team Ricky.

The last audition is quite an emotional one for me, as I am friends with the family of 16 year old Liverpudlian Amelia O'Connell. I know what Amelia has been through and she is amazing. The music didn't even start and my chair turned. One of the best auditions of the series to date and I am not being at all biased. Great tone, great look and lovely person. Amelia joins Team Kylie and Team Midas.

Callum Crowley, Kiki DeVille, Amelia O'Connell, Chris Royal, Joe Keegan, Sophie-May Williams, Anna McLuckie, Jai, Georgia, Iesher Haughton and Rachael O'Connor make up the current Team Midas acts, with just one place to fill.

Right, I'm off to learn the footloose dance, so I can dance with the coaches...see you next week.

The Voice UK continues next weekend on BBC One with the final round of blind auditions.

Browse pictures of yesterday evening's show below...

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